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How Lyft Leaned on CX Technology to Overcome The 2020 Rideshare Crisis

Excerpts & Insights From ibex’s Digital Transformation Through Disruption Webinar, Featuring Lyft and Frost & Sullivan, With A Focus On CX Technology, Disruption, and The Value of Expert Outsourcing

During our recent webinar, Digital Transformation Through DisruptionEric Burdullis, VP of Customer Experience at Lyft, revealed critical insights into Lyft's thinking as the pandemic turned Lyft's business model on its head. 

Read Eric's excerpts below to see how Lyft renewed its focus on data, CX technology, and close partnerships to carry itself through the key challenges of 2020.

On how the pandemic shifted Lyft’s focus: 

We had to rethink our business model. The things that people cared about at the start of 2020, they didn't care about at the end of 2020. We really had to be thoughtful about how to prioritize things like safety and rides. We’ve always done that, but also I’m really thinking about safety as it relates to your health.” 

“What COVID did was it clarified everything. It clarified what we needed and what the priorities were. It reinforced for us – this idea that seamless doesn’t always mean getting to a human really fast. Seamless means getting an answer really fast. There were a lot of interactions where we weren’t making that happen for people because they were having to wait 5-10mins for an agent to pick up and do something that we could have automated upstream. And so for us, this was a continued evolution, a clarity around this to push digital and really drive better self-help and self-serve.” 

“From a customer experience perspective, we really look at technology as a way of making all these processes seamless. [We] leverage technology in periods of disruption because people just genuinely expect different things of you. That was very much the case for us through 2020.”

CX technology 

On the value of CX technology and outsourcing partnerships: 

“You have these pops in business that are unexpected and you have to figure out how to respond and react to them. And so we think about it from two axes: 

  1.  What technologies help you scale super quickly when you need to scale? 
  2.  What partners help you scale super quickly when you need to scale?  

“I would say for us; agility has always been important. And then I think, merit the marriage of those two things, like great technology and great partners that are able to respond and react really quickly to changing business environments is so crucial as well.” 

“There were very different consumer expectations over the past year and as businesses, it was exceptionally difficult to understand those and react to those changes. And so looking to partners, both technologically and to BPOs, to listen to consumers and understand what they wanted; what their new requirements were of dealing with you, was exceptionally important. People’s expectations of what was a good product or service changed dramatically. 

What do my customers want and need out of this? Having partners that are able to tell you, with a certain amount of specificity, here’s what they need today and here’s how those needs are changing over time,’ is just paramount in today’s world. 

On the shift to work-at-home: 

Lyft’s model for how we engage contact centers changed and we needed to move from an in-center model to a work at home model overnight. We needed to figure out how to make sure that the technology was stable, that we still had the right oversight and quality controls, and that we were able to adapt to those changing business needs.” 

CX technology

On data and business intelligence: 

“Data rules the world, or at least should. If you do not deeply understand your customers, you are incapable of serving them. You can only talk to a finite amount of people in any given day. I think being able to aggregate and understand who your customers are or what they care about, and what they need helps you make better business decisions and helps you design just better customer experiences. I would say, absolutely essential in terms of customer experience technologies to invest in.” 

On the value of nearshore CX: 

“Proximity, both in terms of flight time, but then also just cultural proximity, goes miles for North American consumers. Just being that close, having exposure to the US and North American culture and language, understanding what consumers in American look like, how they respond, what they value, and how they interact creates better experiences down the road. It’s a smart choice for a lot of people looking to balance great experiences and low cost.”

CX technology

On the value of the employee experience: 

“Great customer experiences start with great employee experiences. If your employees aren’t happy and they’re not supported, you are almost guaranteed that your customers are not going to be happy and supported.” 

“If you’re putting your customer first, then you have to put your agent first because they’re the ones serving your customers.” 

On the future: 

“I think in 2021 it’s going to be different in a really, really healthy and good way, which is as the world slowing starts to return to normal, how do we quickly respond to our customer’s expectations of how fast these services come back? I think having scalable technology on one side, and then scalable partnerships on the other, to meet that demand is really of critical importance.” 

 The above pieces are excerpted from our recent Digital Transformation Through Disruption webinar, featuring Bob Dechant, CEO of ibex, Sebastian Menutti, Industry Principal at Frost & Sullivan, and Eric Burdullis, VP of Customer Experience at Lyft.

To watch the full webinar, head here. 

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