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Startup & Scale-Up

For Startup ROI, Good CX Means Fast CX

Are your outsourcing vendors keeping up?

While good things are often worth waiting for, startup return-on-investment (ROI) is one major exception. When it comes to innovation, success hinges on rapid growth and the ability to launch and iterate fast. Lengthy development times are the biggest obstacle to ROI according to 42 percent of global innovation executives.

In order to innovate fast, be disruptive, get their product to market and generate sales quickly, startups need lean, fast-moving processes that support acceleration while minimizing burn rate. This applies to their customer experience (CX) processes too. Whether in the seed or venture capital stage, startups need to show investors promising results and satisfied customers fast – and that means establishing a standout experience from the start.

Of course, for startups, the ideal CX outsourcer delivers the best service for the most competitive price. But even more important is the speed at which an outsourcer can launch a new, high quality program and accelerate to proficiency & performance. When deciding on a partner, startups benefit from considering vendors that can support them in scaling their brand and reducing risk.


Ensuring a fast transition to a new outsourcer (or your first outsourcer) guarantees that customer satisfaction remains a priority, and helps move investors more quickly to ROI. Whether transitioning a program from in-house to outsourced or shifting from one outsourcing vendor to another, speed is critical to success.

Efficiency without sacrificing quality

Speed to CX outsourcing isn’t about being hasty. It’s about quality execution at a breakneck pace across every aspect of the program, from agent onboarding, to program performance, and finally to ROI. When choosing a partner, startups should be sure the outsourcer can deliver speed in these key areas:

  • Recruitment and hiring A top-notch outsourcer has done it before, and can quickly staff up or down based on the need. That’s because they’re equipped with highly experienced recruiters who can quickly identify top candidates, while providing an exceptional candidate experience that supports employee retention, fuels engagement and controls churn. Fast hiring focused on retention adds up to reduced costs for scale-up brands whose success depends on keeping their burn rate as low as possible.
  • Proficiency The best outsourcers are able to solve quickly for agent training & proficiency. This means nimble and innovative training programs (hello, Simulators!) that that quickly get agents up to speed on a startup’s values, brand and product, so they can expertly hit the ground running when the program launches.  Fast and effective training will dramatically shorten the program launch window, a critically important factor for your CX program. Startups should choose an outsourcer with an experienced project management team that is capable of bringing these elements together seamlessly and efficiently. Strong project management during launch and implementation creates the foundation startups need to ensure they get it right the first time and are on track to achieving results.
  • Performance and insights – Making customers feel satisfied in every interaction is vital to the strength of a scale-up brand. And speed to resolution is a key metric when it comes to satisfaction.
  • 73 percent of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to deliver good customer service.
  • That means that, from program launch, startups must maintain fast, effective customer care across the entire outsourced CX team. A strong outsourcer partner will begin tracking and measuring performance from day one and continuously have their finger on the pulse of the brand. Quickly measuring performance and collecting insights ensures startups can immediately identify and resolve any issues that come up, while pivoting to improve the experience wherever possible.

  • Day 1 Leadership Involvement – consider closely the team you're working with. Are you on calls with your vendor's C-level executives, or are you working with junior members? Having meaningful access to the decision-makers at your vendor's company can have a huge impact on the ramp, launch, and success of your program.

  • Adaptability – A strong partner can help keep a personalized, branded touch even as a startup scales up and its customer base expands. In the event of a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, effective outsourcers have established business continuity plans in place with their partners to ensure they are equipped to rapidly respond to threats and prevent any disruption to customer service.

Speed to ROI is the bottom line

If a CX outsourcer is able to rapidly hire, train, launch, perform, measure and adapt, they are ultimately equipped to deliver the fast results and ROI that startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Leveraging the right outsourcer ensures a company’s customer service can keep pace during its hyper-growth stage. And at a time when 93 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases based on excellent customer service, a startup’s CX has the potential to become its competitive advantage.

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