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Giving Your Customers a Megaphone

Amplifying the Voice of the Customer Across the Lifecycle

When I was a Client Retention Officer, our leadership team loved the big annual surveys like NPS® and JD Power to showcase our ranking in the industry. It’s a great tool to peg your performance to peers and Marketing teams can make a big deal out of positive scores.

While I still appreciate the insight of a promoter score, those high-level insights rarely provide insight beyond “you may have a problem relative to your peers” and getting to a high response rate took a long time, during which some less than stellar experiences could still affect our customers. Top level scores and short holistic surveys lack the timeliness and detail to make tactical engagements and improvements to the customer experience (CX).

And, often leaders misunderstand the intricate scoring and metrics of some types of surveys, which naturally leads people to over-index on verbatim comments from customers. Every business leader can identify with quotes from customers about their business unit, and its human nature to find connections in those comments to your professional intuition. All CX leaders understand the challenges of priorities based on a single complaint from a big client about an issue that’s months out of date and impossible to quantify. We’ve all been down that rabbit hole.

We all know the situation. Once or twice a year, leaders get a big fat book of customer comments filled with praise and criticism. 

Executives inevitably find comments that validate their intuitive assessments of the customer experience, or surprise them with a new concern, and whatever is in that comment becomes their next priority for customer satisfaction improvement. Verbatim books, even well scored by earnest and talented VoC teams, make it too easy for business leaders to draw big conclusions from small data points separated by huge gaps in time from the actual customer experience. Too often those verbatim books let the whispers of a few disgruntled customers crowd out the insights required to really make meaningful improvements to the Customer Experience. The best way to remedy this wrong? Deploy a series of intelligent surveys and checkpoints across key milestones along the customer journey.

Luckily, technology offers CX leaders the opportunity to automate and instrument their customer journeys and amplify the voices of more customers along the lifecycle. By delivering short surveys in a customer’s channel of choice closely following a specific event or interaction, CX leaders can collect detailed feedback about each milestone to drive powerful intelligence.

At ibex, we live in the era of “conversational CX”, and focus on asking questions to uncover actionable insights and verbatims from customers. We call this process giving customers “megaphones” to amplify their insightful feedback and crowd out the noise in the system.

By locating a brief and simple survey as close in time to each customer milestone, VoC programs collect real time telemetry on the health of their CX, and arm their leaders with the kind of actionable intelligence required by the business to invest appropriately in improvement projects. Giving megaphones to your customers helps business leaders move from “Fix the CSAT problem” to “Here’s where we have a problem to fix” including real feedback from customers about what makes the experience better for them.

At ibex, we work with some of the most customer-obsessed brands in every industry, to support engagement along the customer journey. With our global experience and solutions to accelerate digital transformations we have seen first-hand that putting a megaphone in a customer's hands drives CX and operational improvements. To find out more strategies to capture real time telemetry about your customer experience and amplify the voices of your customers, please visit us at and, or call us at 1-352-441-3066.

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