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BPO 2.0

Podcast #1: Security in the W@H Environment

Jon Lunitz interviews Sandra Fernandez, VP of Compliance & Risk Management at ibex

The Best Bits

We really appreciate Sandra coming on the podcast today - she gave us an extremely informative take on the current challenge facing brands, as businesses rush to reconfigure their organizations to fit within the new post-Coronavirus framework. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the full interview, below are the best bits, selected just for you.


  • Jon Lunitz: Work at home and security have become extremely relevant.  The banks kicked off earnings season last week and outside of some of the stark, but expected, news regarding loan loss reserves and earnings, the thing I found most interesting was that they noted 70% to 90% of the workforce is at home.  In addition to that, I saw an interview with the Sofi CEO and he noted that 100% of their workforce is at home. To me those are impressive numbers and a dramatic shift in short term operating model.
  • Sandra Fernandez: I think the first area that we need to re-evaluate or assess is the current controls that we have implemented, and ensure that those controls are the right mitigating controls that are applied to our networks and our systems, and then as well as processes. As we evaluate what is needed, what we need to continue to do is to continue evaluating and continue assessing the proper controls.
  • Sandra: Remote working is not completely new - it will be an ongoing global trend, and we will see a sharp focus on W@H agents being part of a new baseline solution for work in general. What will be expected, and what we’ll need to continue to work with, is to work with our clients but also regulators, to see how we work well in different environments, how we evolve, and finding that perfect mix between securing data and providing that right customer experience.
  • Sandra: We've had some pretty impressive numbers for ibex and we have over 2,500 agents working from home and we are on track to exceed that with over 4,000 work at home agents. When you are looking at this shift in solution, you need to establish keen awareness on what the user will be experiencing, adapting the environment to make them productive,  allow seamless interactions with the customer, while being able to focus on the security and compliance protocols within the environment.
  • Jon: Two major - and connected - pieces are the education of the agent and ensuring the correct infrastructure is in place.   Can you talk about some of the technical controls that you are implementing?
  • Sandra: With business networks shifting so quickly, companies need to adopt new processes and controls to further protect data from being hacked, compromised or leaked. Ensure the work at home solution that the users are authenticated and authorized to access the systems. This can be done using duo-factor authentication.
  • Jon: As we look to this becoming the New Normal or the Next Normal, what are some of the additional controls that organizations will need to consider if this shift in operating model becomes more permanent?
  • Sandra: The are going to be key areas of focus.  These include self- service customer driven platforms with a focus data privacy and automation within the application that includes data masking and credit card processing software. 

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