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Reimagining The Contact Center For Constructive Digital Transformation

With Purpose-Driven Technology, Brands Can Create A Robust Digital Experience For Today's Consumers

If your contact center is trailing behind when it comes to customers’ digital experience, there’s a good chance it’s negatively impacting business. A robust digital experience is what today’s consumers expect—in no small part thanks to the rising purchasing power of digital natives.

Recognizing this trend over the past several years, companies are reacting to the shift in landscape with a relentless focus on customer outcomes and effort. Through digital transformation—the adoption of technology to replace manual processes—they’re equipping themselves to rise to the challenge of winning and retaining the loyalty of today’s customers, including meeting their needs around the clock, wherever they are, on any channel. 

With purpose-driven technology in place, organizations can create a customer journey that better aligns with consumers’ shifting needs and expectations—which, after all, should be the ultimate goal. This transformation, in turn, drives increased revenue, creates efficiencies, enables quicker adoption of new products and ultimately augments the power of your brand.

digital transformation

The value of an experienced partner

Beyond embracing technology, companies are also realizing the value of a strategic partner that provides CX consulting, products and services. Particularly when it comes to managing digital transformation (not a simple or easy undertaking), contact center providers are essential partners and extensions of the brand.

Wherever your organization is in the digital transformation process, an experienced partner can provide expert guidance and even work with you to co-create new and novel solutions to improve CX. It’s the next generation of outsourcing—or BPO 2.0—and it’s how we support our partners in successfully transforming their contact centers to drive long-term ROI.

Strategic investments and co-creation

For many organizations, digital transformation is a massive, ongoing project because it involves nearly every part of your business. When it comes to rethinking the contact center, the approach needs to be holistic and include components focused on strategic and tactical outcome. The strongest partners work closely with you to co-innovate, building engagements strategically, scaling rapidly, measuring as you go and adapting as needed.

At ibex, we’ve developed end-to-end processes and purpose-driven tools for supporting organizations in rethinking and redesigning their CX in a way that’s customized to their needs and environment.

Here are some of the key areas we focus on to improve customer interactions, contact center performance and business outcomes.

Digital-savvy talent

Delivering a digital experience that’s catered to customer expectations and behavior is only possible if you have customer-centric, tech-fluent agents to make it happen. Companies are realizing that the agents best positioned to satisfy digital natives are often digital natives, themselves. Of course, recruiting, training and supporting digitally native agents requires having the right expertise and technology in place. 

We achieve this from the very beginning with a recruitment process that’s entirely virtual and mobile-enabled. Our digital-first approach continues through engaging, interactive and purposeful employee onboarding and training, including simulated training environments that gamify learning and improves confidence. Throughout their journey, agents are supported with digital tools designed to deliver a frictionless experience, including end-to-end interaction and performance analytics, AI-powered conversational guidance and monitoring that helps supervisors deliver the right support.

digital transformation

Comprehensive toolset

In order to reach new customers, understand the needs of existing ones, provide an exceptional omnichannel experience, make smart decisions on the fly and continuously improve performance, you need an information hub that helps generate, manage and analyze interactions. An integrated interface allows agents to help customers through one central dashboard rather than numerous tools, carrying the added benefit of a better employee experience too.

Wave X combines third-party software and applications with custom-built tools to provide robust, integrated capabilities. The platform levels up the experience for customers and employees alike through core activities like click-to-contact digital marketing, customer interaction management, and complete interaction analytics. Agents and managers are fully equipped with solutions like FMS, a unified portal that brings together all tools, programs and communications for better collaboration, and Witness, which prevents potential fraud by monitoring agent activity.

Omnichannel experience combined with voice 

Delivering a unified customer experience depends on creating a central hub that integrates new digital channels with existing enterprise systems.

Ideally, your agents have a 360-degree view of the customer that gives them insight into their needs and allows them to provide contextualized, relevant support and service on any channel.

An integrated approach that includes email, chat, SMS and social media—with support delivered based on the customer’s channel preferences—can be even stronger when combined with artificial intelligence (AI) chat and voice technology. We help clients strategically incorporate virtual agents and processes where it makes sense for business. Automation can help human agents complete routine tasks and field simple customer requests, freeing up time for more strategic thinking and better performance.

 digital transformation

Results driven by insights

Through their digital transformation journey, many organizations are dealing with the challenge of a complex IT landscape that’s causing data silos and preventing them from painting a comprehensive picture of customer interactions. With the right technology in place, you can eliminate silos and turn data into relevant insights that help you understand customer pain points and identify opportunities for improvement.

Through our business intelligence services, we analyze your customer interaction data to drive efficiencies in processes and workflows, revealing areas for potential program enhancement and cost reduction.

This also allows us to recommend areas where automation can smooth the process, so you can integrate AI into the right parts of the contact center, actually add value to CX, improve employee productivity and reduce costs.

Upgrade your contact center

For organizations in virtually every industry, digital transformation is non-negotiable—especially in the contact center, where customer expectations for fast, easy, always-on service dictate the strategy. By working with a strategic partner, you can improve your contact center customer journey and optimize your talent, toolsets, communication channels and business insights. 

Drop me a line at to learn how we can work together to transform your CX and co-create an exceptional digital experience.

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