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Technology Is A Gamechanger, But Successful CX Still Depends On Your People

3 Important Human Factors To Consider For Your CX Program

Whether the chatbot can’t answer your question or you got an error message during online checkout, sometimes technology fails us. And, as frustrating as that can be, it’s actually a good thing. For one, it means the robots haven’t taken over the world—just yet. But more importantly, it’s a moment when the best brands shine. Because, when our technology occasionally fails us, there’s one important element that sets the successful teams apart from the mediocre ones: their people.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is a gamechanger when it comes to making customer experiences more seamless and accessible. I’ve seen the value of digital solutions firsthand while launching over 25 enterprise customer experience programs globally.

But I’ve also seen, again and again, that it’s the people behind the tech that truly make or break a brand’s CX. That’s not just because people are the ones to save the customer’s day when things go wrong. It’s also because they’re the reason the right solutions get selected, implemented, and refined over time.

If you’re planning your CX program’s enterprise launch, here are three important human factors you’ll want to consider when you’re gearing up to deliver the best solution possible.

1. Decision-making

If your CX is undergoing any degree of digital transformation, you don’t need me to tell you the market for customer experience tech is a little cluttered right now. There’s a digital solution for virtually everything your business could need.

Wading through the software tsunami to find the best-value solution for your organization is no easy task. Selecting the right tech takes thought leadership, specialized experience, a little intuition, and a whole lot of patience. Your team needs to have strategic vision, well-honed research skills, great planning, and a discerning eye that can separate tried-and-true solutions from marketing smoke and mirrors.

Having the right brains behind your project ensures your team has the talent, skills, and sheer grit to make it through an intense RFP cycle or two, all in the name of selecting the perfect solution.


2. Execution

Having the best possible tech for your customers and team is only part of the answer. The other make-or-break factor is putting the right people in charge to execute. You can pick the best platform in the world, but if you don’t have a qualified team to bring it to life, you’ll fail before you even get your program off the ground.

So, once your team of highly capable humans selects the winning solution, you need to figure out how you’ll implement it for success—both across the organization and for your customers. You’ll need a detailed, multi-phase implementation plan, but you’ll also need the right people to make it happen.

Think about who your internal advocates are and how they can help you achieve cross-company buy-in and adoption. Ensure you have people responsible for rolling out the solution internally through training and troubleshooting. And consider who will execute your IT integrations and handle whatever unforeseen issues pop up.

3. Problem-solving

Fast-forward to post-implementation and it’s the team behind the tech that continues to maintain, innovate, cycle information, and ultimately drive change throughout the organization. As you iterate, problem-solve, and improve your CX program, once again, it’s your people who determine how successful your solution is over the long term.

When launching global CX programs, I’m often asked, “What’s the biggest hurtle companies face during their launch?” My answer is always the same: people.

The room often looks confused until I remind them that, while your CX program may be driven by innovative, problem-solving technology, that technology is driven by people. Vendors and clients that don’t have the right people to execute a solution will ultimately fail.

Invest in people, too

At ibex, our technology is driven by a team of exceptional, experienced, and dedicated problem solvers who ensure the success of every launch. When I reflect on my experience implementing complex tech solutions for CX programs around the world, it’s always the people behind the platform that ensure success.

Invest in the best technology—but invest in the best people too. As long as your team has the same work ethic, positivity, and end goal in mind, we can work together to deliver the best possible solution for your business and customers.

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