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The Top 16 Sessions to Watch at Money20/20

As Money20/20 quickly approaches, check out this guide to our can’t-miss sessions. Hope to see you there! 

Money20/20 is quickly approaching. Since the last time the world’s most innovative Fintech leaders have gathered together in one place, a lot has happened. Let’s recap: 
  • Coinbase’s explosive launch into the IPO market, increasing crypto interest among many more traditional institutional investors 
  • Robinhood’s huge CX push, with its main goal to use their latest round of funding to improve the customer experience of the growing app userbase 
  • The massive boost in demand for contactless and digital-first payments and banking products resulting from the pandemic that are now defining the Fintech 2.0 wave, where authenticity, experience, and consumer empowerment will take over.  

Given all of this, it’s clear that cutting-edge product innovation is no longer enough – CX is taking precedent more than ever. Money20/20 this year comes at a critical time, providing the opportunity to open up the conversation about the urgent need for emphasized customer-centricity and Fintech CX transformation.  

Sessions We Have Our 👀 On 

As a major provider of CX solutions for some of the world’s Fintech brands, we’re here to keep you on track for navigating the complexity of your operations – and the sheer amount of content related to how to provide a better experience for your customers this year at Money20/20 -- and increase your customer loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue as a result. While we’re on-site, here are our top 16 picks that can help shed more light on what’s coming in this area: 

On Improving Your Tech Core To Enhance Your Customer Experience 

1. The Future of Shopping and Customer Experience: The future of customer spending is about experience, ease of use, timeliness, and finality. This session outlines balancing costs, delivery, and KYC without adding complexity to your operation. 

Defining a New Cast of Characters: Digital transformation and increasing customer expectations are causing business models to shift, creating a culture of interactions between new partners and decision makers. Learn to navigate this new ecosystem in this session. 

3. Faster, Better, Digital – The Future of Payments: With increasing demands for better, faster payment experiences, how can banks and Fintechs collaborate to seamlessly deliver these new experiences?  This session will also explore how nontraditional tools are making it easier for Fintechs to deliver payments to customers and employees alike. 

Building a Blueprint for Digital Excellence in Banking: Learn more about Truist’s digital transformation strategy and managing a people-first, client- and teammate first- approach and breakthrough technology that enables this strategy.

On Going Digital: Data, Personalization, Security, and Embracing Product Innovation

5. Startup Workshop: Building Fintech Experiences with Data: The number of financial data sources is exploding, compounding the complexity of leveraging this data in your product experience, risk models, and analytics. This session will do a deep dive into how Fintechs are building personalized experiences with the data they’re capturing.

6. The New Commerce Experience: This session will delve into how technology like AR and VR shopping, voice commerce, and more customized experiences will continue to push the retail experience closer to the consumer, and into a future where every device is a connected commerce device.

7. Breaking Data Silos To Improve Digital Experience: Most businesses rely on daily data-driven decisions. This session will discuss how to use data for a more complete view of customers and prospects to enable more personalized experiences and reduce friction, and technology needed to connect related data points and eliminate siloes to activate desired experiences along the entire customer journey to improve overall customer experiences.

8. Embedded FinTech: How the Best FIs Leverage Data and Enhance Customer Relationships: A personalized, digital experience is critical to meeting customer needs and building loyalty in a fiercely competitive market for financial products. Learn how embedded fintech is enabling institutions to offer truly integrated digital banking and value-added tools tailored to each customer to improve customer experience, drive customer acquisition, and increase revenue.

9. The Customer Experience Revolution of Invisible Authentication: Customers are constantly on their devices – and expect businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences that offer convenience and speed without compromising security. This session will discuss the implications of passive identification and authentication for the future of digital transactions.

10. Behavioral Economics and Game Theory Meet Client Personalization: In this session, discover advanced segmentation models, new ways to optimize your product recommendations and sales channels, and how asking the right questions and understanding unique client intent drivers is creating a new standard of client personalization and product optimization in financial services.

11. Will There Ever Be Toast or Square of Healthcare Payments?: Toast and Square transformed the payment experience for retail and restaurants, and they continue to simplify the payment process for consumers and business owners. This panel will explore when consumers will have the same experience with their healthcare providers – know the cost before they buy and pay before they leave.

12. Reimagining the Checkout Experience: This session will discuss research and best practices merchants can apply that will help them ensure the fast, secure, and convenient digital transactions that consumers now expect, and finding the sweet spot between reducing friction and protecting against fraud during the checkout experience. 

13. Demo: Fintech CX’s Killer App: Social CX: ibex's Jon Lunitz will showcase the killer app for improving your Fintech CX impact -- ibex's Social Reputation Management platform, designed for real-time CX identification, aggregation, and action across channels. Learn how the tool can help you scale CX for hypergrowth, improve social CSAT, build actionable customer insights int your product evolution, and protect your brand growth, reputation, and ROI.

Getting Ready for Crypto  

14. Community Banking Workshop: Your Customers Are Ready for Digital Assets, Are You?: Your bank’s customers are asking about Digital Assets like bitcoin and Ethereum. Rather than miss this opportunity understand how to capitalize on it. Join this session to learn how.

15. How NFTs Will Change The World of Money: NFTs are becoming a key way for companies, brands, and influencers to enhance their services and engage with the Gen Z sector. This session will explore the future of NFTs in commerce, current trends in tokenization, and how this use case of blockchain technology is enabling consumers to engage in a decentralized trustless commercial ecosystem.

16. Creating the Tokenized Economy: New Googles and Amazons Required: Fast forward twenty years, the tokenized economy will have surpassed the traditional economy in every dimension. Join this discussion that will debate the protocols and types of companies that will be key in the evolution of the economy. 

Don’t forget to come see us on the Spark Stage on October 26 at 11:08 AM for our live demo with Jon Lunitz, and come meet us at room #2435 to talk strategy (you can reserve a slot in advance here) 

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas! 


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